palejacket.com is run 23 year old Canadian University graduate, professional writer, and mental health awareness advocate, Kellie Anderson. 


“As we learn to know ourselves, and take ownership of our thoughts and actions, our skin thickens, our minds expand, and our hearts learn their limits. Pale jacket refers to the skin I’ve thickened and grown to adjust into. It also refers to the figurative coat I had worn for years, trying to hide myself, my struggle, and my anxieties.

Learning to understand and accept my flaws, and using writing as a tool to cope, explore, and heal, palejacket.com serves as a safe space to express my thoughts, my words, my interests, and my experiences (with a little added humour and sarcasm for good measure).”

Have a question? Ask away. 

Twitter: @palejacket
Instagram: @palejacket
Facebook: Pale Jacket

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Where did you buy your promise ring?


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