The 28 Benefits Of Being A Single Lady

I asked a bunch of single gals what all the best parts of being single are…. here’s what they had to say!

1. You don’t have to shave/ feel pressure to conform to unrealisitc beauty standards.

2. When you do have to shave… you can mark it on your calendar… because you know when it’s likely gonna go down.

3. You don’t have to report to anyone… except (maybe sometimes) to your parents.

4. Your decisions about your career aren’t swayed by a relationship.

5. You always get to choose what YOU want for dinner.

6. You can be your own Bachelorette… there’s no limit to how many guys you can date at a time.

7. Every night is girl’s night, or a “me” night.

8. You can really appreciate your guy friends and spend time with them without jealousy from a partner.

9. You can focus on your own shit.

10. No petty arguments over nothing…

11. You can travel on a whim.

12. You can flirt with whomever you want to.

13. You’re not wasting time.

14. You get the bed to yourself… well maybe your dog can join.

15. You get to spend more time with your friends.

16. You have lots of time to find a new hobby, or read, or like….just relax.

17. No one is clinging to you 24/7.

18. You have more money in your pocket.

19. You can make your own holiday plans… your family and friends always come first.

20. You don’t have to compromise as often.

21. The Netflix is catered to only your preferences.

22. You can leave a party whenever YOU want to.

23. You don’t have to share blankets.

24. You don’t have to share food… your leftovers wont dissapear either. 

25. Your room is organized the way you like it… everything is uninterrupted by someone else’s presence.

26. You can play whatever music you want… whenever you want. 

27. You get the shower/bathroom all to yourself. 

28. You can play by your own rules and take your damn time.

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