Relationship Stages As Told By Drake


The “wyd?” Stage.

The “Imma Play It Cool So You Want Me More” Stage.

The “Snapchat Everyday” Stage.

The “Laugh At All His Jokes” Stage.

The “PDA At Parties” Stage.

The “So, What Are We?” Stage.

The “I’m So Into You” Stage.

The “Nothin’ Can Stop Us” Stage.

The “That’s My Girl” Stage.

The “I’d Love To Come To Dinner With Your Parents” Stage.

The “I Just Realized You Aren’t Perfect” Stage.

The “Struggle” Stage.

The “But I Love You” Stage.

The “Lets Work It Out” Stage.

The “Drunk & Upset In Da Club” Stage.

The “I Need Some Time To Think” Stage.

The “I Aint Got Time For This” Stage.

The “Hey World I’m Single” Stage.

The “Heard You Got A New Man So Imma Pop Back In Yo Life” Stage.

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