How To Be Charitable This Christmas Without Going Broke

Christmas… the time of year where every charity is competing to receive your hard earned extra cash…. oh, and all of them are standing in front of your grocery store.

You don’t want to ignore them… to walk right past… but you’ve got 5 minutes to grab bread, and no cash on you. So, you pay them in smiles, and hope they don’t hate you.

I know, it’s hard to decide who to give to… there’s millions of organizations worthy of your support.

It makes you feel absolutely AWFUL when you’ve just written a nice big cheque to ____ charity, and then _____ other charity comes knocking at your door, also asking for help.

So, cashiers, mall Santa’s, church ladies – please give us a break….

We know it looks bad when we don’t donate, but you don’t know our story!

There’s that moment, where you want to say, “No, sorry, we’ve supported someone else”, but then you still feel insanely guilty… it’s just $5 right, I can spare $5 can’t I?

Or can you?

Because now you’ve spend $500 in the month of December – just out of guilt!
It all adds up!

We also can’t forget that there are people who can’t afford to dish out extra money for charity… because maybe they are having a hard enough time making ends meat themselves.

So – want some advice on how to be charitable this year, without running your own funds into the ground?

Here’s the hardest one….


Yes, I know, it seems impossible, but do it.

Get your family together and pick ONE charity you will dedicate your “charity funds” to for the month, (or for the year).

If your family has a particular charity that is close to your heart, go ahead an commit to the full year, but if not, change it up from month to month and pick a price point that works for you.

A great idea is to have “family member choice” – ask your family members to each pick a charity they feel passionate about and then have them pick a month where you will all agree to support that specific choice!

Another suggestion… skip the monetary donations and give back with chariable ACTIONS!

Charity is not all about the funds.

You can be charitable this holiday season by donating your time and labour!
Here are a few examples:

– Sing carols at an old folks home.
– Volunteer at the food pantry.
– Help your church prepare food for a party.

It can even be something small scale like…

– Help a neighbour put their Christmas lights up
– Lend a helping hand to someone whose car went into the ditch.
– Help someone carry groceries.

It might not be directly helping a charity, but kindness goes a long way… and people tend to pay it forward…

Be creative and put yourself out there… you can even start your own give-back initiative.
Here are some examples:

– Write thoughtful cards and hand them out to the homeless.
– Tell your friends they can drop off canned food at your house and you’ll deliver them to the food back.
– Collect hats and mittens from co-workers and donate them to a shelter.
– Gather friends to your house and ask that they participate in a raffle draw… with all the money raised going to a local charity!

…. Because if there’s anything Christmas can teach us, it’s that time and kindness are much more valuable than money.

….Plus, the feeling of giving back is a gift for you too.

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