How I Spent National Boyfriend Day


I don’t know about you guys, but I just had a pretty great National Boyfriend’s Day… Curious what I got up to?

Here’s how it all went down!


Woke Up Alone

Yawned Quite A Bit

Got Out Of Bed

Brushed My Hair

Brushed My Teeth

Did My Makeup Because It Makes Me Feel Good

Put Clothes On

Packed My Own Lunch Because I Am An Independent Woman

Got Into My Mom’s Car (I Even Opened The Door Myself)

Surfed New Memes On The Internet

Mom Bought A Treat: McDonald’s Breakfast (Luckiest Girl Alive)

Drank Coffee To Remain Alive

Arrived At Work


Forgot To Eat Lunch

Drank More Coffee

Did Girl Boss Type Things

Left Work

Went To The Mall Because All My Money Is Mine

Bought Some Shirts Because They Looked Good On Me

Bought A Lovely Candle For My New House

Went Home To The Bachelorette Pad I Share With My Mom

Lovingly Starred At The Lake While Alone

Read Articles About Kim Kardashian On The Internet

Made Pasta For Dinner Because – Carbs

Ate Pasta For Dinner Because I Ain’t Trying To Impress No One

Had A Relaxing Solo Bath Because I Value Myself

Surfed The Internet For Possible Article Ideas

Realized It Was National Boyfriend Day And Didn’t Care

Brushed My Hair

Brushed My Teeth

Played Candy Crush For An Hour

Stalked Myself On Instagram

Put My Lavender Bed-Time Diffuser On

Put My Fan On Because I Like It That Way

Set My Alarm For Three Different Wake Up Times

Climbed Into The Bed I Get To Sleep In Alone

Cuddled My Cat

Spread Out As Wide As I Wanted To

Fell Asleep Quickly With No One To Worry About

….and now that that’s all over, I’m REALLY excited for today:



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