I Really Miss Christina Yang

Very rarely do characters on fictional tv shows ever really show extremely raw and passionate emotions… convincingly.

I’m not talking about dramatic tears and yelling… I’m talking about FULL ON BREAK DOWNS that feel so genuine that you yourself begin to bawl your eyes out and feel their pain.

Christina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy was one of these memorable characters.

Sandra Oh has since left Grey’s, but I’m super not over it.

Let’s look back at some of her rawest and most incredible tv moments… through gifs of course.

Christina was an amazing, stubborn, and strong cardiovascular surgeon… and most of her co-workers viewed her as invincible and stone cold.

However, Christina did feel emotions deeply – very deeply, and when she couldn’t hold things in anymore, she expressed this hurt in explosive and heart-wrenching ways. Ugh.

Christina was super ballsy and straight-forward.

A total girl boss who took no shit and spoke her mind.



Her one liners we’re SOOOO good, I’m still quoting her.

She legit had no filter and I want to be just like her.

Did I mention that Christina Yang took no shit from no man?

Cause she did what all of us wish we had the lady-balls to do.

She knew her strengths and worked her ass off to be the absolute best doctor she could be.

She also worked to be the best doctor… in the world, because she believed in herself.

She gave the BEST motivational speeches.


She was freaking hilarious and knew how to work a room.

When she loved someone, she loved with everything she had.

She loved SO hard.

She also valued the people that truly valued her… because she respected their good taste and their ability to recognize her worth.

She’s probably the best friend you could ever have.

And the best surgeon you could work under.

She never stopped working and developing her skill.

She was a constant learner… a true go-getter.

No one worked better under pressure and excruciating circumstances.

She was so resilient.

She was not afraid to eat her weight in food.

– A girl after my own heart.

She knew she was talented and never undermined herself.

She refused to ever let anyone under-estimate her.

She also encouraged other people to recognize their own worth.


She always paid credit where credit was due – she respected talent.

She spent 99% of her day being a hard-core badass but she LOVED a good dance party.

Who doesn’t right?

She wasn’t afraid to let loose when the moment was right.

She was human.

And it was beautiful to watch.




Yang was, and still is, my TV hero.

Thanks for everything girl.

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