10 Things To Talk About Tomorrow – If You Skipped The Presidental Debate

  1. Will & Kate are in Canada and little Prince George wouldn’t high-five Justin Trudeau.zlzgsznje6oljhmr8xuyzhymigwwbm2n-large.jpg
  2. The cast of Will & Grace has reunited.o-will-and-grace-facebook-1
  3. A doctor in St.John’s Newfoundland lost his medical license for 6 months after asking a female patient if she liked “big ones or small ones” in reference to penis size.CPT101363359.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpg
  4. Simon Cowell accidentally punched an X-Factor contestant in the face.38C6ABD200000578-0-image-a-11_1474799972689.jpg
  5. Jim Parsons AKA Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory makes $25.5 million dollars a year.Jim_Parsons_2013.jpg
  6. Snapchat unveils glasses that record video in small snippets.Snapchat-Spectacles-2-930x495.jpg
  7. This Friday, September 30, a Black Moon will rise in the skies of the Western Hemisphere.FullMoon_wwwimgislandcom.jpg
  8. Lea Michele from Glee is looking for a new boyfriend with the help of Ellen Degeneres.lea-michele-on-the-final-season-of-glee-1200x630.jpg
  9. Blogging sensation Kellie Anderson, or “pale jacket,” had a quesadilla for dinner.cheesy-chicken-quesadillas.jpg
  10. Oh, and if you do decide you want to comment on the debate, this is basically all you need to know for tomorrow morning’s water-cooler small talk.

– A man of many side rants, delusions, baseless facts, and is still talking about Obama’s birth certificate.
– He cut off Hillary and the mediator, a lot.
– Says Hillary is mean and that he was going to say something horrible about Hillary and her family but decided not to (odds are this will come out in the next debate).
– Donald blames a lot on China.
– Claims he was never in favour of the IRAQ invasion.
– Says the wealthy will expand their companies and therefore make more jobs.
– Proud of a club he once opened?
– Says “stop and frisk” is a good idea.

– Happily smiled every time Donald went off on a side rant that stopped making sense.
– A woman who likes using “burns”: “I think Trump just criticized me for taking time to prepare for this debate, and yes- I did. I have also prepared to be president.”
– Also told Trump he could buy her book at a bookstore tomorrow.
– Say Trumps trickle down economic plan will only serve his personal interests and his family.
– Says “stop and frisk” is not a good idea, it’s been proven unconstitutional.
– If you are too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to own a gun.
– Had fact checkers on her website refuting all of Donald’s claims live.

Have a great Tuesday!

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