Why Marvel’s Jessica Jones Is The Baddest Chick On Netflix

Haven’t heard of Jessica Jones? You’re missing out.

This self-titled show is Marvel’s latest comic to TV adaptation. Oh… and did we mention, Jessica is a kick ass FEMALE super hero? Just checking you caught onto that.


Now, I’m not the biggest super hero fan, so I was a little hesitant to give this show a chance – but to be perfectly honest, I’m pretty obsessed so far.

Unlike many other super hero films and shows, Jessica Jones is super real and down to earth. ALSO – Jessica doesn’t wear a stupid, revealing, busty, leotard, nor is she ever the damsel in distress… unapologetically, she kicks some serious ass, has a lot of sex, and drinks, (also a lot). You do you girl!

So, in honour of my new Marvel love, I invite you to find out exactly why I think Jessica Jones is the baddest chick on the scene.


She doesn’t always handle bad days in the best or most productive of ways… but holy can she handle her alcohol well.

She doesn’t live a picture perfect life… (she is a super human trying to defeat the man who brainwashed her with mind control, and gave her PTSD, after all).

She hates waking up… and is super not into any sort of 9-5 job… she works at all hours of the night… stalking, PI’ing, taking pictures of cheaters… you know, the reg.


She’s super straight up and owns her flaws… she doesn’t care what you think of her, she is who she is.

Her love life is a roller coaster… but her sex life is phenomenal.

She calls people out on their bullshit… you don’t want to cross her.

She doesn’t take any shit… she can take literally anyone in a fight… which might have a little something to do with her super strength, idk.

She takes care of her friends… like literally saves their lives… a lot.

She’s not afraid to get PISSED and show it… she breaks a lot of windows.

She faces her demons head on… literally, her arch nemesis is like a satan incarnate.



You can find JJ on Netflix, streaming now!

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