The 17 Steps Of A Saturday Night Out

1. Your friends ask if you wanna go out tonight and you head right on over to pre with them.

2. You arrive at their door. They answer, alcohol in hand.
You both already know it’s gonna be a good one.

3. You waste no time getting legendary.

4. You wave down your UBER, it’s time to jet.


5. You arrive outside the club and you are READY. TO. GO.

6. You start scanning the crowd to see what’s good.

7. You hit the d-floor and start showing off what your mama gave ya.


8. You and your friends all successfully locate the bathroom together.

9. You see a cutie eye-ing you from across the dance floor… it’s electric.

10. You start to drown in drinks.

11. You’ve hit the wall and you know it’s time to peace out.


12. You realize you’ve been sweating’ up a storm and should be touched by absolutely no one…

13. So you ghost the person you’ve been twerkin’ it with.

14. You rally the squad real quick…

15. …With the promise of post-bar snackage.


16. You end the night exactly where you’re suppose to be – in the arms of  your one true love.

17. Sweet dreams BBG.


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