Why I Bought Myself A Promise Ring

Traditionally, promise rings are given from one parter to another to promise a future, to promise their love is genuine, to promise that they have plans to propose marriage one day.

And while I think this sentiment is very sweet, as a recently single person, I suddenly felt inspired today to just buy one for myself instead.

No, I’m not one of those people that’s going to try and marry themselves as some sort of F YOU to monogamy – I still do want to get married, some day – And if someone were to give me a promise ring, that would be very sweet… But for right now, I’m very content with this stunning/super/sparkly/sterling silver ring that I’ve picked out myself – because it makes me happy.

This may sound strange to some, but after everything I’ve accomplished, and how far I’ve come over the past few years, I think I should promise my own self a few things too.

Things like:
– I promise to love myself.
– I promise not to give up on love.
– I promise to fight for what I believe in.
– I promise to take care of my health, both physically and mentally, to the best of my ability.
– I promise to be honest about my fears, dreams, wants, and emotions.
– I promise to keep an open mind and to meet new people.
– I promise to get out of bed and do something productive, even on days when it feels impossible.
– I promise to put my family first.
– I promise to remind people how much I value them.
– I promise to try new things, to keep learning, to not give up.
– I promise not to lose hope, to doubt myself, or worry myself too much.
– I promise to stay true to the person I am and who I want to be.
– I promise to remind myself that I’m totally capable of a lot of really cool things.

And while I know there will be days that I will bend or break these promises, I think that vowing these things to myself today, through some sort of physical symbol like this ring, (which I’ll see right in front of my face every day – it’s too sparkly to miss), I’ll work twice as hard to stay committed to my goals.

This ring will also serve as a reminder to me, to take care of myself, and to not lose sight of what’s truly important to me – because I’ve tied it’s significant meaning to so many important things.

I’ve always found value in promises, (especially pinky promises), but I always thought promises were something you HAD to share with someone else.

Today however, I’m really enjoying the thought of this promise ring being all about me and my commitment to just myself – my dreams, my wants, and about what I know will make me the most happy in this life.

I know this concept isn’t for everyone, but I’m curious, what promises would you make yourself?


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  1. Lindsanity says:

    Good evening, My reasoning behind my promise ring are much the same as yours. It’s a commitment to myself and to God.

    Past relationships left me knowing that God was building me up and strengthening me, those relationships showed me how strong I really am and gave me a new found confidence in who and whose I️ am.

    My commitment is this
    To remain faithful to myself, to my beliefs.
    To remember that in God’s perfect timing the right Man of God will walk into my life.
    To remember to enjoy the dance that God has me on even when the steps seem much to complicated.

    I’m thankful to find someone else who believes that it’s okay to have a promise ring for yourself. To keep you faithful in your goals and dreams. God Bless

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  2. Maria says:

    After being super doubtful about everything I do and pretty much a debbie downer, I decided today to buy one tomorrow with pretty much the same promises as you in my head. Googled to see if anyone else had done it and found this post 🙂


  3. N Nicole Boyd says:

    This is beautiful


  4. gamuzelda says:

    Perfect, i am going to also get myself one, as i have decided to give myself time to focus on my goals and life….Great Post and your mum is sweet….


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