The Very REAL Reasons Periods Are The Worst

You crave the shittest food. I’m talking SALT and CHOCOLATE, at once… which only makes your monthly acne outbreaks EVEN worse.

We have to pay for something that we have ZERO control over.

Not everyone is sympathetic to our pain or random, unexplainable tears.


Sometimes it shows up at the worst freaking time like…

Guys get stupidly weird/ act like babies about it and we’re totally fucking over that.

You can’t go anywhere without packing your purse full of tamps… just in case you suddenly get attacked by a surprise heavy flow!!


Every cramp feels like a sucker punch to the stomach.


We may get a little irritable (but you’re probably being rude and deserve it – our periods just make us braver to call you out).


It can absolutely DESTROY your favourite pair of panties.

Below is a genuine fear when we change our tampons at other peoples houses… even though this never happens.

We get super horny…

But most guys are afraid to touch us because they they’ll get sucked into a bloody vortex or something…

We get bloated and feel freaking gross and fat.

We don’t always make sense… even to ourselves. It can get super confusing.


We’re afraid to wear anything white – for a WHOLE week.

You think it’s done for the week, then… “Hey girl, I’m back” – Period.


We don’t want to leave our beds or deal with anything, and yet we’re still expected to go to work and perform well.

We start getting this shit when we’re young and uncomfortable with ourselves. It can be freaking traumatizing.

It can feel impossible to get comfortable.


We start to think our ovaries have actually exploded… because “no seriously, that’s the only reason these cramps could hurt this bad”.



And the only way to get this nightmare to stop is to get knocked up… which sounds 1,000,o00 times worse.

(Main Image: Illustration for period blog Piece by Yvette Caster – Title ‘My Womb Says Hi’)


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