17 Times 011 From ‘Stranger Things’ Represented All Of Us

When everything seems to be going wrong, she looks to her friends for support… And she knows that not only blood makes you a family. She gets scared sometimes. But she is also incredibly brave. When someone messes with the people she loves, she’ll  do anything to protect them. But she’ll also be sure to…

Jojo’s Top Ten Instagram Outfits

#10 Jojo kills it in this perfect date outfit. It’s cute, casual, and flirty! Plus, the ripped jeans and peek-a-boo shoulders show off her stunning sun-kissed skin. Her top is by @milkandhoneyboutique, her pants are by @pullandbear, and her adorable brown sandals are by @aldo_shoes. #9 This deep v neck dress is soooo LBD goals….