School Supplies That Always Get Forgotten On “Back To School” Lists

Earphones: You’ll need these… for the bus, for the long wait at Tim Horton’s, for the walk, for the library, for pretending not to hear the guy that just wont take a hint.

TT 40-EP Earphones.jpg

A comfortable pair of shoes: You’ll need these… walking around campus can mean walking long distances between classes or back home. Get some shoes you can rely on.


A compact mirror: You’ll need this… when it’s pouring rain outside and your mascara is a hot mess. Also, you should 100% get a small umbrella.


Printing paper: You’ll need this… for literally every assignment. Don’t forget you’ll also need a printer.


Sharpener: You’ll need this… for when you realize pencils don’t sharpen themselves and you’ve got a scantron test in an hour.


Stapler: You’ll need this… just as much as you’ll need printing paper. Don’t be a paper clip person.


Mini hair brush: You’ll need this… when you’re late to class and literally sprinting to your destination. Tangles are not cute.


Wet towel-ettes: You’ll need these… when you bring an orange to eat in class and suddenly you remember how juicy and sticky oranges are. These are also good for sanitizing your desk.


Cough drops: You’ll need these… when you start to feel that tickle while studying for your final in the library.


Tampons: You’ll need these… for obvious reasons (if you’re a girl). You’re also a total lifesaver if you carry some extras for friends in need.


Tylenol: You’ll need this… because headaches happen at the worst of times. Be prepared and tackle it asap.


USB drive: You’ll need this… when all other technology fails you, but you’ve thankfully backed-up your 50% weighted PowerPoint presentation. Also consider getting an external hard-drive.


Portable charger: You’ll need this… when you’re going to be stuck on campus all day and your battery is at 5%… and it’s only 2pm.


A re-useable bottle: You’ll need this… literally every day. Get a good one that will keep your water cold and another that will keep your coffee hot.


Body spray: You’ll need this… when you’ve run to class and still smell like last nights vodka crans. Just don’t get anything too strong, or too sweet. And don’t spray too much. People will not like that, and you might yak on the fumes (Ex. Axe).


You’ll need this… on those off days that you totally forget to put some on that morning. Always have a back up.


Mini hand lotion: You’ll need this… you just will.


Mini hand sanitizer: You’ll need this… when you’ve gotten off the dirty bus and are going to grab something quick to eat before class. Wash up guys.


Tape: You’ll need this… in the most unexpected ways. Just get it.


To-go snacks: You’ll need these… when you’re starving in class and can’t miss a moment of lecture.


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