Calvin Harris Saved A Slugs Life, And It Was Hilarious

What we’re you doing last night at 2AM?

Well, I can tell you what Calvin Harris was doing – saving lives.

Harris took to Snapchat last night to document the heroic and live changing events that took place during his night, working in the studio.

Here’s what went down.

PS. You’ll have to actually watch it to get the full effect, his accent is perfect.


“Ok, so, I just stepped on a tiny slug outside and then I brought it into the studio.”


“He appears to be alive and well. Oh, you can see some movement there from our tiny friend.”


“And I think probably the only thing to do now is to leave him, to build a new life, indoors, with me.”


“And you have to wonder what’s going through his mind now, as he floats high above the ground, [that] he left his slime on.”


“Now back to work, safe in the knowledge that I saved that guys life.”


“I think we can all learn a lesson from that guy. When you get stepped on, continue your trial, and eventually you’ll get out [of] the studio.”
And with that beautiful message, I leave you also, with this,

“You have to get out in the sun and let the sun give you ideas. I just had an idea, I think I’m gonna paint my house.” 


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