McDonald’s Toys All 90’s Babies Wished For

This rad nugget posse. They kind of look like turds, but we all still wanted them.


This group of bad-asses.


Literally any new Disney movie collection. Not only would we get so hyped up for the film, but we also wanted all of these figurines.


These Space Jam puzzle pieces.


Everyone had one of these ultra-cool halloween buckets. What’s up McPunk’n?

FURBY’S. I was allllllll over these ones.

Back in the day TY beanies were the shit…. but they were also way over our chore-allowance budgets. These little one’s, free with our meals, were to die for.

Omg. Do you remember these? Wing’d fairies that would launch up and fly down… obsessed.

These came a bit later, but you bet I wanted all of their cute, over-sized, heads.

This cast of wild characters. The throwback is real.


These plush lion king toys were unreal.


Remember these robo-dogs?! I totally had the real version of the purple one, and I’m sure I begged for a matching miniature.


Not only did we all love 101 Dalmatians, but these toys also rolled… WOW.


Play-Doh and mini- Barbie. Sign. Me. Up.


These McDonald’s themed TY bears. The marketing with these is sooooo prime.


More plush Disney. I vividly remember this Tigger pen.


Muppets, holla!


These mini movie casings with toy! Sucked us right in….


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