Weird GIF’s You’ll Hate To Love

This elderly lady, eating a sandwich, fed to her by a latex blue arm, emerging from a retro boxed computer screen.


This, ginger, curly-headed boy, nuzzling a fake dog made out of sour candy worms.

This scary, myschevous child planning something very concerning with her white, fluffy, dog.


A plastic yellow monster, planting a huge frog into the mouth of a plastic orange monster with a human inside.

This endless flow of pizza. Are you drooling?

A toung man turning into a man, then a baby, the a little boy, then a man, then a Chihuahua, then a demon, then a dinosaur? I dont even know man.


A human, I think, covered in icing, I think, eating itself, with a spoon, with joy.

This dolphin taking this girls cardboard hot-dog holder, as she almost instinctively punches it but has no follow-through.


This is so concerning.

This girl, willingly getting her nose annihilated by this man’s tongue.

This endlessly long face hair………


Pancakes and worms.



This girl getting straight owned by this sink.


This dog who can’t catch a break…


This sandwich that never had a chance.

This Fruit & Bars Mom.


What were you thinking??


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