A Breakdown Of Every “Bachelor” There Ever Was


ALEX MICHEL, a Management consultant, was the first ever bachelor! Yes! All the way back in season one of the show! Alex ended up choosing a lady by the name of Amanda Marsh in the end of his season, but didn’t propose! Alex instead decided to just enter a one on one relationship with Amanda…how normal! Unfortunately, the two broke up a few months later.

The runner up this season was fan favourite Trista Rehn, who we all know went on to become the first Bachelorette and married her prince charming Ryan!

Michel has since returned to the business world and is a spokesperson for Match.com LOL.


AARON BUERGE, the vice president of a chain of family-owned banks, and the second ever bachelor, proposed to psychologist Helene Eksterowicz (don’t ask me to pronounce that). And while this relationship only lasted a few weeks, both Buerge and Eksterowicz still managed to find love and are now married to other people. Buerge even has a daughter – named Aven – how adorable!


ANDREW FIRESTONE was the third ever bachelor, his season airing all the way back in 2003! A sales manager of Firestone Family Estates, Andrew proposed to Jen Schefft. Although the couple broke up after a few months, apparently they’re still friends!

Andrew is now married to an actress named Ivana Bozilovis and they have three kids – cute! Firestone sometimes plays in Celebrity Poker tournaments, hosted Billionaires Car Club, and he and his wife can be seen in Baby Bullet commercials (yes, apparently thats a thing?).


BOB GUINEY, the creator of a mortgage company didn’t propose to winner Estella Gardinier but instead gave her a promise ring – assuring her that they would continue getting to know each other. However, these two also parted after a short time, and Guiney went on to marry soap star Rebecca Budig… to whom he is now divorced – what a tough go Bob!

Guiney became the bachelor after appearing on Trista’s season of the Bachelorette! And although Trista didn’t pick him in the end, she did invite him to her wedding to Ryan – and they have apparently remained friends – how sweet!

Guiney now hosts a real estate make-over show on TLC and performs in a charity band called “Band From TV”.


JESSE PALMER, a Canadian sports commentator and former professional football player, was cast as the fifth ever bachelor in 2004.

Palmer chose Jessica Bowlin as his final lady but did not propose. They continued to date for a while but eventually called off their engagement.

Palmer is now a football analyst for ESPN/ABC and TSN.

BYRON VELVICK is…wait for it… a pro bass fisherman. Byron was part of the first candidate seasons – up against Jay Overbye to become the bachelor. The women competing had to vote for whom they wanted to date and Velvick won!

Byron proposed to Mary Delgado (in spanish) and they stayed together for 5 years! And then broke up. Reports say Delgado was once arrested for punching Byron in the mouth… yikes.

In other news, Mary is now a competing fisher-woman.

CHARLIE O’CONNEL, yes, the brother of Jerry O’Connell, was a bachelor!

Charlie chose labour delivery nurse Sarah Brice as his lucky lady, even though he did not propose… reports say they were on and off between 2005 and 2010.

TRAVIS LANE STORK, (what a name), was the 8th bachelor. The medical doctor did not propose to “winner” Sarah Stone but did begin a relationship with her… until the show aired and they broke up.

Travis is now on The Doctors! Yeah, that guy!

He eventually married a pediatrician, but after three years of marriage, is now divorced.

LORENZO BORGHESE, an Italian-American cosmetics entrepreneur, didn’t ask Jennifer Wilson to marry him, but did carry on a relationship with her after the show… for about a year.

Lorenzo’s grandmother was Princess Marcella Borghese, who founded the Borghese cosmetics line – back in 1958!

In 2012 Borghese placed 7th on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

ANDREW BALDWIN, a naval officer, proposed to Tessa Horst, but the two called off their engagement one month after the finale… while Horst was on deployment.

Baldwin went to Duke and is a ironman triathlete!

His season was called “Officer and a Gentleman”.

BRAD WOMACK, yes, the guy who got to do it TWICE!

Bar owner Brad was the bachelor in 2007 AND 2011. In 2007 he asked no one to marry him, rejecting both final ladies… harsh! In 2011 he chose America’s sweetheart Emily Maynard, who ended up breaking up with Womack and becoming a Bachelorette! Sources say the two are still friends, and Maynard is now married and pregnant with her third baby (after ending things with her seasons winner and finding her real prince!)

MATT GRANT, an english financier from London was the first British Bachelor! He chose Shayne Lamas but they eventually broke up. She is now married to Nik Richie (who started TheDirty.com…. ew).

From here we have the SCANDALOUS…..

JASON MESNICK, who is now (but wasn’t always) a fan fav. Jason caused a global meltdown when he proposed to Melissa Rycroft… and then later CHANGED HIS MIND and resumed his relationship with runner up, and now his wife, Molly! People were shocked.

Jason and Molly are now married with children and often make appearances on other bachelor seasons/weddings, showing the show can work (like 1/15 times)!

Melissa is also married – with THREE kids! It all worked out.

JAKE PAVELKA. This is the season I first started to really watch the show and let me tell you, it was DRAMATIC. Jake, a commercial air pilot was “on the wings of love” and fell for Vienna Girardi. Viewers were shocked that he chose Vienna over the lovely Tenley Molzahn.

Vienna and Jake publicly aired their dirty laundry for a lot of willing-to-pay magazines and called it quits after some pretty public verbal abuse, name calling, and tears – not good. They later both appeared on the second season of Bachelor Pad. Jake is both gross and kind of scary tbh.


BEN FLAJNIK, the winemaker with long, semi-always-greesy hair, angered audiences when he chose Courtney Robertson, a model with a bad attitude to be his wife. However, the two never made it to the alter, even after getting engaged for a second time…

Side note: Ben is friends with Kris Jenner.


NEXT IS SEAN LOWE, who audiences loved but were also kind of weirded out by – because he kept talking about not having sex until marriage… hey, whatever works!

Sean married the gorgeous and goofy Catherine Giudici in 2014 and their televised wedding was SO MAGIC.

The happy couple just recently had their first child, a boy named Samuel! Yay!

Ps. Their instagrams are super cute, and I guess we can confirm – the two are clearly now having sex.

Bachelor Juan Pablo, Mark Wahlberg, Heather Graham, Alyssa Milano, And Danny Masterson On "Extra"

JUAN PABLO, a former semi-professional soccer player, is probably the most loathed bachelor there ever was. “Eeees Okay” became his favourite line, even though hardly anything he said was ok.

JP was so bad that fan favourite Andi Dorfman, who made it to top three, left after spending ONE night alone with him. She legit couldn’t handle him anymore and realized he wasn’t at all what she had been imagining he was (the bachelor effect), so she left – way to wake up girl! To make things worse, JP chose Nikki Ferrel but wouldn’t propose to her and strung her along for the next year… the couple even went on Couples Therapy, airing their public fights – yikes!

You’d have to watch an interview with him to fully understand his grossness/ignorance…. oh, and he’s  a dad.


CHRIS SOULES the farmer. The 19th bachelor lived in literally the middle of nowhere and proposed to winner Whitney Bishoff after getting pretty much turned down by his other option Becca Tilley. The couple called off their engagement in 2015 after Soules stint on DANCING WITH THE STARS.


BEN HIGGINS, america’s fave is currently engaged to winner Lauren Bushnell. These two seem madly in love… for now. Let’s hope it lasts – especially because their tv wedding is planned for this summer!

Runner up Jojo Fletcher is now KILLIN IT as the newest Bachelorette… and rumour has is Ben and Lauren are getting a reality show! Time will tell!

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