How Girls Get To Europe In 24 Steps

You’ve booked your flight but your trip is weeks (and maybe even months) away… which is perfect for pre-trip clothes buying/planning. New travel clothes will tide you over during this difficult waiting period.


Start doing your research – plan out a few must-see places (and must-eat, must-drink places). You don’t want to miss out on some of the fab dining experiences you could have had. Bon appetite!


*Casually* start letting everyone you know that you’re going to be travelling to Europe. They don’t really care, but you do, so tell them 100 times.


Get a fresh do to show off in some new cities. Europe is where you’ll debut the new you… even though you’ll know zero people there.


Double check that you’ve got your shit together – passports, ID’s, travelling insurance, Euros, etc… Seriously, this part really matters. Time to adult.


It’s getting closer… and you’ll try only to pack what’s necessary…


But in the end, you’ll 100% need to re-pack and sacrifice a few items you really didn’t need. Like multiple pairs of stilettos, rain boots, 3 hoodies, a “reading blanket”, and a parka.


You’re just days away and the excitement really starts to kick in.


You start saying dramatic goodbyes to people… like you’re moving away… even though you’ll be back at the end of the month.


Your friends will start making jokes on your social media statuses like “Pack me in your suitcase LOL!”


And you’ll be like…, k, there’s a reason I’m going to the other side of the world for a month.


It’s the night before and you’re soooooo not getting any sleep.


And your body is sooooo not going to be impressed with this time change.


Today is the day! You’re headed to the airport and it all starts to all sink in.


For .5 seconds you’re terrified they won’t let you through security for some reason.


But obviously they do… and now you can get some snacks as reward.


You’re 2 hours early for your plane… so you sit there… and start to overthink that maybe you’ve forgotten something.


It’s time to board and you have ZERO chill.


You start to get settled and relax… you’re almost there…


But then you remember the ride is 8 hours and your mini internal panic attack begins.


Till you remember – thank god, drinks are included on this flight.


Now that you’ve got a little buzz, all is right in the world.


You tuck yourself in and whisper to yourself, “Let’s do this…”





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