PMS, As Told By Rachel McAdams

You’re going about your day at work and you feel that first warning cramp…


You’re watching a Budweiser puppy commercial on your lunch break and suddenly you can’t stop crying…


You knew it. It’s here. And now you’re mad at everything and everyone.


The cramps intensify and you just want to be at home in bed.


On the way home in the car you start crying for absolutely no reason at all. 


You get home and try to explain to your partner all the reasons why you’re so upset but it’s impossible. 


Your partner suggests that maybe you’re over-reacting, and just need to calm down…


You remind him that he’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.  


You change into your most comfortable outfit and watch whatever guilty pleasure show you want. 


Your partner finally clues in and asks – are you on your period or something?


But on the up side, at least you aren’t pregnant. 


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