The Most Questionable Face Tattoos

This guy is not only a Grandpa… or at least honouring his Grandpa through a forehead tat, but he can also actually “smell bitches”… a true talent.

Not only does this guy cry black tears… but also DISGUSTINGLY eats cats. Right? That’s what that means, right? I can’t. Let’s pray he grows a mustache to cover this…

In case you needed to know, this guy is a vegan.

In addition to his “69” tattoo, this guy wants you all to know that he is truly blessed.

A permanent clown… why.

Love those black and white checkered diner floors? So does he…

I don’t think Barbie is the tattoo-getting type but…

When you want everyone to know your motto…

I have no idea what is going on here.

This guy needs to re-evaluate EVERYTHING. Horrible.

This guy is super Rock N Roll… with a soul patch.

When you REALLY love flowers, stars, and butterflies…

Is it bad that I think this guy can kind of pull this off? Maybe I’ve been looking at these for too long.

When your love is so strong you get their name tattoo’d on your cheek… Idk about you, but a kiss on the cheek would have been just fine.

This woman got her bf’s name tattoo’d on her face within 24 hours of meeting him… I’m not joking. Read the story here:…

This guy was paid to get company logo’s on his face… how far would you go to get paid?

Are you kidding me? The ignorance is too real.

Some families pass down recipes… others…

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