Stylish Studying

Queen Selena gives us mad inspiration for study-style. Check out her loose, red, plaid, top, paired with a comfortable white tee, some stylish hammer pants, and chic kicks… adorable.

The red plaid works for literally everyone. Get this piece over sized so you can wear it comfortably like a sweater or jacket. It’s soft, cozy, and comforting while you study your day away.

Odds are you have 5 pairs of black leggings… which will perfectly get you from Monday to Friday. DO NOT think you can’t wear leggings all week… you can, you should, and you will. JEANS ARE NOT MADE FOR STUDYING… EVER.

If you do really feel you need to wear sweatpants on campus… go for something fitted and flattering like these! Pairing these pants with a tee and leather jacket can be the perfect casual/ yet still presentable look you need for the library.

The over sized tee is your best friend. It’s literally so big you can hide in it if you need to… plus you wont feel at all self-concious while getting into questionable studying positions… am I the only one who likes to study while folded up on my chair like a little ball? Ok..

Let’s also ALL add one of these over-sized sweaters to our wardrobes. HOW COMFORTABLE DOES THIS LOOK?! The zippers at the side also keep it more sylish and less “I still have this from high school”.

If you don’t want to layer on a sweater, make sure to dress in something long sleeved! One of the WORST things about the library is that the temperature can be all over the place… make sure you’re not freezing your bum off!

Don’t you wish you could bring your own blanket to the library to cuddle into? Well you can with one of these super huggable body wraps. No matter the temperature, you’ll be snug as a bug… just don’t fall asleep.

I know you wont be on your feet much but you do NOT want to be the girl with the loudly stomping heel clicks…. DO NOT WEAR HEALED ANYTHING… everyone will hate you. A flat shoe is 100% mandatory.

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