40 Summer Date Ideas

Whether you’re spending your summer in a relationship or not – here’s 40 date ideas for you and your beau, OR you and your BFF!

Ps. You do NOT need a boyfriend/girlfriend to go on dates – take your bestie and have the time of your lives!

1. Go to the Zoo.

2. Go to the driving range.

3. Go to an outdoor flea market/ festival.

4. Travel on a mini-roadtrip.

5. Star gaze with a bottle of wine.

6. Go to an Aquarium.

7. Attend a music festival.

8. Go for a bike ride.

9. Spend an evening at the drive-in.

10. Find a Sky-Zone…. which is basically a large room full of trampolines.

11. Go out for ice-cream.

12. Walk on the beach.

13. Play a board game.

14. Grab your friends and go play laser tag!

15. Go out somewhere and act like strangers meeting for the first time.

16. Go out for a wine or beer tasting.

17. Dance together.

18. Stay in bed, all day long.

19. Go bowling.

20. Go out for breakfast.

21. Wander a bookstore together.

22. Play catch or some sort of one on one game (Tennis, Basketball…)

23. Go swimming!

24. Go on a double date.

25. Go grocery shopping together – then make a meal together!

26. Bake a cake!

27. Go go-karting.

28. Go to an arcade – like Dave & Busters!

29. Play the penny slots at the Casino.

30. Go to an amusement park together.

31. Travel into the sky on an air balloon ride!

32. Watch the sunset.

33. Crash a wedding!

34. Attend a comedy show.

35. Go to the dollar store and buy craft supplies – then make something! (Check out the cute map board below)

36. Go out for patio drinks.

37. See fireworks together – On Canada Day or the 4th of July!

38. Go to the mall and walk around.

39. Visit each other’s extended family.

40. Volunteer for a great cause together!

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  1. Such great ideas! I can’t wait for summer to get here!


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