My *Very Real* Break Up With Kanye West


“We need to talk. I feel like we’re just not on the same page anymore.”


“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I care about us, and you only care about yourself. You always act like you’re so much better than me and it’s starting to really piss me off.”


So, what? We’re done? I just wanted to talk things through because I’m not happy with how things are going.”


Exactly. So let’s talk this out and keep that from happening.


So, we are done? Like what are you saying? Just like that? What the hell Kanye. Don’t ever message me again, not in a week, or in a year, never.


HAHAHAHAH oh really? Then why the hell did you tell me at the Balmain show that you “felt we were soulmates, like two identical wings of a monarch butterfly, trailing the white glacier galaxy to the Lord God” and that you felt I “understood you more than Kanye understood Kanye?”


Ohhhh so that’s how it is. Denying you ever had feelings for me. Sure Kanye, shut down all emotion and keep doing you. You’re incapable of love man… you need help.




JESUS, my mom called and I had to take it. Calm the f down. 


What did you win? Did I miss something?  Is that what this is all about? I can’t keep up with all of this artist shit you’re doing. You should have just said something.


Ok, WOW. #1 Do not call be a bitch, and #2 $500 torn up t-shirts aren’t art LOL


Are you kidding me right now? Like am I being PUNK’D?


LOL Dude. YOU’RE the one who asked me for 53 million dollars a month ago.


This conversation is a waste of my time. I hope you’re happy. Don’t message me anymore.
Ps. I’m keeping my free Yeezy’s.


Ya, well neither are you. I thought you actually cared about me.


So now I’m a sheep? Are you high? Keep it coming.


I’m literally blocking you. You’ve changed. Bye.


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