Famous Hot Dads

Eric Dane, Dad of 2

Josh Duhamel, Dad of 1

Justin Timberlake, Dad of 1

Jimmy Fallon, Dad of 2

Kanye West, Dad of 2

Mark Wahlberg, Dad of 4

Brad Pitt, Dad of 6

Chris Hemsworth, Dad of 3

Channing Tatum, Dad of 1

James Marsden, Dad of 3

Tom Brady, Dad of 3

Ryan Reynolds, Dad of 1

Christian Bale, Dad of 2

David Beckham, Dad of 4

Hugh Dancy, Dad of 1

Usher, Dad of 2

Keith Urban, Dad of 2

Matt Bomer, Dad of 3

Matt Damon, Dad of 3

Matthew McConaughey, Dad of 3

Taye Diggs, Dad of 1

Brian Austin Green, Dad of 3

Orlando Bloom, Dad of 1


Patrick Dempsey, Dad of 3

Hugh Jackman, Dad of 2

Nick Lachey, Dad of 2

Justin Trudeau, Dad of 3

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