Prom Trends Of 2016


Four years ago I graduated from High School….an amazing accomplishment. But even more than my graduation… I remember how magical and exciting it was to celebrate – PROM.

My friends and I went dress shopping together, got our nails done, got a limo, bought shoes, found dates, took pictures…… we took advantage of the whole experience.

While the whole day may seem a bit over-rated… and yes, WAY too pricey… that day is one I will never, ever, forget.

I truly did feel so accomplished, happy, celebratory, loved, special, and beautiful!

So, in honour of my deep nostalgia, and even deeper wish to be able to re-live prom all over again, I put together a list of all the best dresses I’ve seen so far this year…

I hope the Classes of 2016 have the most amazing time! You deserve it!!!




This stunning navy two piece is to die for… the long sleeves make it unique, and the navy is perfect for any beauty looking to exentuate their blue eyes… I’m in love!

This champagne and white is gorgeous. The beaded front cross is amazing, and totally stunning. I also love the cut of this dress. You don’t see a lot of patterns with low waist anymore. You’d definately stand out in all the best ways.

In love with this nature queen floral dress. The lace accents would take anyone and everyone’s breath away. You’ll look like a fairy princess, the flowy bottom catching in the wind as you walk. I also love the gold accents, and the short to long bottom is perfect for if you get stuck with a super hot day for prom.

This gown is DREAM. However, I’d opt out of the champagne/white and go with something light blue, purple or green. This one borders wedding dress… and you don’t want to give the wrong impression.

This colour is so unique! I’m in love with the peek-a-boo chest piece and lace detail. The two toned bottom couldn’t be more magical.

This sky blue daydream of a dress is so captivating it almost brings a tear to my eye. So classy and simple. One of my absolute favourites.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m really into light blues for this prom season. Here’s another stunning option that’s a bit more glitz’d up….The peek-a-boo ribs are so cute.

Classic black is always an amazing idea. It literally suits EVERYONE and is so slimming. This two piece with white lace puts a beautiful vintage flare on this gown.

Another trend this season is invisible fabric…. yes! It allows lace to literally look like it’s floating on top of your body… AMAZING. Plus, red is so incredibly jaw-dropping.


Feel the need to go short? The following few dresses are perfect examples of how to do it right!

This beaded black short two piece is elegant, with the right amount of sparkle. I’m super over basic sweet-heart necklines… take a risk with something circular like this one.

Again… go for a modern neckline like this one. I love the peek-a-boo chest on some of these dresses… showing off the breast bone, instead of intense cleveage…  is surprisingly even more sexy.

Here’s my last pick for “short”. This colour is beyond incredible… I can’t even. The neckline, again, is new, flirty, and sooo fun. Amazing.


Now on to my picks for all the beautifully curvy gals in our lives.

This black lace is STUNNING. Black with a red lip works every time. Yes, every time. This neckline is also perfect for girls with a larger bust. It frames your boobs elegantly, and the satin band will look so flattering your waist.

I’m obsessed with this form fitting blue dress. The floral details all down the front look Oscar-ready and the semi-see-through bottom mirrors a mermaids tail… PLEASE LET ME GO BACK TO PROM.

Florals are soooo in right now. But be sure not to over-do it. This white gown does florals right. The short sleeves are perfect for girls looking for more coverage and support, and the campagne band is an awesome pop of colour… and makes it look less like a wedding dress.

Looking for something short? This black dress won’t only look perfect at prom… but you could wear this again and again!! It’s literally perfect for almost any dressy occasion… the v is INCREDIBLE and the straps and off the shoulder sleeves are stunning. This dress could not be more perfect.

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