Here’s What I Learned From Not Drinking For A Month

For the month of February I decided to take on a new challenge… to stop drinking with the Canadian Cancer Society’s newest fundraising mission: DRY FEB.

While not enjoying a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day, and not being able to have a beer at an NHL game on reading week was difficult… now 24 days in… I’m proud to say I’ve managed to do it and only have 5 days left!

You might think this idea is crazy for a social university student, surrounded by bars, drunk friends, and parties… but if I’m being honest… it’s been surprisingly rewarding, in more than just a few ways.

1. I’ve saved a TON of $$$$$ that I otherwise would have spent at the bar, on drinks at dinner, or on bottles of wine for a girls night in. Not going out the bar as much also means I haven’t had to pay for cab rides or cover!

2. No HANGOVERS. This part is (as Donald Trump would say) HUGE! I feel healthier, happier, and ready to work on Sunday mornings…instead of spending all day lazy in bed.

3. I’ve spent more time relaxing and spending time having real conversations… instead of drunkenly just telling the girl in the bathroom that I love her dress and that she’s just so pretty. Ps. watching movies at home is highly under-rated… so are baths.

4. As a person will mental health issues, I can always benefit from having a clear mind, untainted by depressants like alchohol. Alcohol can play with my emotions and thoughts… and that’s not something I want to deal with.

5. I’m raising money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society… and there’s nothing that makes me feel better than giving back!!Check out the fundraiser at OR create your own fundraising challenge!

You can check out my personal profile, and support my mission at…

5 DAYS LEFT… but I may even take my mission farther…  because more now than ever, I can vouch that “everyone benefits from having a clearer head.”

Try it for yourself!

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