All The Best Parts Of A Committed Relationship

1. Not having to sleep alone during storms/ after watching a scary movie.

2. They become your best friend.

3. Having someone to text or call during awkward moments/while walking/waiting.

4. Cuddling is good for the soul…

5. You have someone to talk about serious things to… you trust them, and they listen.

6. You can still have fun and go out with your friends, but you have someone to come home to.

7. You don’t have to be on Tinder anymore.

8. The laughter is harder and more genuine when you’re in love.

9. So is the sex…

10. You have someone who’s always there to support you and talk things through when you’re upset, hurt, or worried.

11. You have a date to all those family events.

12. Your family will stop asking whom/ if you’re dating.

13. Less chance of contracting STD’s, and no more awkward one-night stands.

14. You’ll gain new friends and family.

15. You don’t have to have your shit together… you get super comfortable and they accept the fact that you’re human.

16. They accept your flaws, but also encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

17. You always have a shoulder to cry on.

18. Being in a loving monogamous relationship is super good for your self-esteem and offers stability.

19. Having an intimate relationship can help you learn a lot of valuable things about yourself and your body.

20. They offer a different perspective, helping you to keep an open mind and to experience new things.

21. You get to make-out/grab eachothers bums, whenever you want…. but try to keep the PDA down.

22. Someone is there to say good morning, good night, and ask how your day is going.

23. You get to go on fun adventures without all the anxiety and pressure of dating… you’re committed and can now just focus on having fun!

24. They have your back 110%.

25. You can call them at any time…and they’ll be there.

26. You have someone to distract you from your fears and anxieties… they’ll be the first to turn your bad day into a good one.

27. You’ll have someone who truly gets you, believes in you, and wants what’s best for you, always.

28. You’ll get to share yummy meals when you go out to eat.

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