I Asked 5 Guys About Their Love Lives… Here’s What They Had To Say

I did a scary/weird/stupid thing… I asked 5 different guys random questions about their love lives… More specifically, about their sex lives.

While some took the interview seriously, answering honestly, others… well, you’ll see.

Inappropriate or honest?
… you be the judge.

*Warning: Some content may be found offensive.



Q1: What is the most sensitive part of your body to kiss?

Guy 1: The tip of my penis.
Guy 2: My gooch is definitely top 3, along with my ear, and cheek.
Guy 3: Back of knee, it happens.
Guy 4: Neck.
Guy 5: Below the ear.


Q2: Name one place you do NOT like to be touched?

Guy 1: I’m fine being touched anywhere, but I hate being tickled. I can’t breathe and it just sucks.
Guy 2: My armpit…I’m ticklish.
Guy 3: Soul.
Guy 4: Butthole.
Guy 5: Butthole.


Q3: Approximately how long would you say you last during sex?

Guy 1: It depends.
Guy 2: Hours if I’m with anything less than a 5.
Guy 3: Find out 😉
Guy 4: 30-45 minutes.
Guy 5: 7-10 minutes.


Q4: What’s one thing you wish more of your partners were willing to experiment doing?

Guy 1: Butt stuff.
Guy 2: Texting me sober.
Guy 3: Removed for explicit content.
Guy 4: Having sex in random places.
Guy 5: Nothing, my girl does quite well.



Q5: What’s one thing you would NEVER do in bed?

Guy 1: Allow large objects in my own ass.
Guy 2: Sex.
Guy 3: Removed for explicit content.
Guy 4: Have my asshole penetrated.
Guy 5: Foot fetish stuff.



What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while hooking up with someone?

Guy 1: I fell asleep.
Guy 2: Puked.
Guy 3: Removed for explicit content.
Guy 4: Nosebleed.
Guy 5: I stopped enjoying it.


Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

Guy 1: Campus building.
Guy 2: In my sister’s bed.
Guy 3: Webcam.
Guy 4: A gondola ride at a ski resort.
Guy 5: Pick-up truck.


What’s the weirdest type of porn you’ve ever come across?

Guy 1: Girl & Horse. I’ll leave it at that.
Guy 2: Stubbing.
Guy 3: Girl on girl or guy on girl 😉
Guy 4: Midget porn.
Guy 5: Cake farts.


Q9: If a girl sleeps with you right away, do you take her seriously?

Guy 1: Depends on the girl.
Guy 2: Yup, seriously enough to tell her to go get her self checked.
Guy 3: Lol.
Guy 4: No, unless she’s drunk.
Guy 5: No.


Q10: What do you find most attractive in a girl?

Guy 1: Nice face, and a nice body. I need to find her physically attractive for it to progress.
Guy 2: Big,—- sucking lips.
Guy 3: Tight gap.
Guy 4: Eyes, then body.
Guy 5: Personality.


Q11: What’s the cheesiest pick-up line you’ve got?

Guy 1: Do you like frozen yogurt?
Guy 2: I didn’t know angels flew this low.
Guy 3: I don’t got ‘em, I just give ‘em hunny.
Guy 4: I don’t use pick up lines.
Guy 5: Have we made out before?


Q12: Are you hornier at night or in the morning?

Guy 1: I’m horny all the time.
Guy 2: Both.
Guy 3: Whenever my internet is up.
Guy 4: Night.
Guy 5: Night.


One night stands. Stay the night, or slip out quietly?

Guy 1: Depends how hot she is.
Guy 2: Slip out quietly.
Guy 3: Removed for explicit content.
Guy 4: Stay the night, I love the awkwardness in the morning.
Guy 5: Leave abruptly.


Blondes or Brunettes?

Guy 1: Redheads.
Guy 2: Redheads.
Guy 3: Ginger.
Guy 4: Brunettes.
Guy 5: Blondes.

Name a chick-flick you actually like.

Guy 1: Just Go With It… Is that a chick-flick?
Guy 2: The Notebook.
Guy 3: Death Row Volume 5
Guy 4: The Notebook.
Guy 5: The Princess Bride.


In one word, describe your sexual fantasy.

Guy 1: Teacher.
Guy 2: Anal-bondage.
Guy 3: Removed for explicit content.
Guy 4: Passionate.
Guy 5: Orgasmic.

What are the hottest colour of panties a girl can wear?

Guy 1: Red.
Guy 2: Crochless.
Guy 3: None.
Guy 4: White and gold.
Guy 5: Black.



What’s your biggest turn off?

Guy 1: Loud, annoying laughs… or teeth-y blowjobs.
Guy 2: When she’s over 18.
Guy 3: The lights b4 I smash
Guy 4: Too much make up.
Guy 5: Ignorance.

What’s your favourite position in bed?

Guy 1: The girl lays flat on her stomach; I’m on top and behind her.
Guy 2: Alabama hot pocket.
Guy 3: Anything your mother wants.
Guy 4: Standing.
Guy 5: Reverse cowgirl.



Q20: Describe your sex life in one word.

Guy 1: Excellent.
Guy 2: Confused.
Guy 3: Timid.
Guy 4: Professional.
Guy 5: See question 16.


Offended yet?

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