To My Boyfriend On His Birthday

It’s two days till my boyfriends 23rd birthday, and as an avid writer, I knew I would likely need to write him a card, an article,  or something cheap-but-romantic, like that… to go along with a gift.

After all, there’s got to be a million poetic things I could say to him right?!

Ex: Like about how proud I am of his acomplishments… about how handsome I think he is… about how excited I am for our future together…

But, you see, I’ve run into a super serious problem… the one thing I keep coming back to, (as I put pen to paper),  is the fact that I shouldn’t be celebrating him at all… Instead I feel I should be celebrating those who made him, him. (Sorry b, hbd)

It may be my boyfriends birthday, and yes, I do plan to take him out for a nice Keg dinner, but my boyfriend is the man he is, the man that I’ve fallen in love with, because he was raised to be that man.

Yes, he’s an unique individual with his own heart and brain… but his 23 year upbringing taught him how to use both those things in the best ways- (and beautifully might I add).

It is his parents, his friends,  his coaches, his mentors, and his family, who deserve credit for the man I was blessed to meet. Each experience, each lesson, each day spent with those people, led him to somehow meet me, and to eventually sweep me off my feet.

I therefore feel that on my boyfriends birthday, I must thank those who have known him much longer than I. I may have been in his life for over a year now, but it is those have been there all along that have shaped him into a man that became my best friend.

To you all I wish to say thank you and more…


To his mother,
I am mostly thankful for you, for it was you who likely taught him the many things I adore most about him.

He is kind when I am tired.
He is gentle when I feel vulnerable.
He is polite to every stanger we encounter (at resturants, stores, bars).
He is serious when I need him to be my shoulder, my rock.
He is attentive when I feel lonely.
He is affectionate and loving.
He holds me when I wake up scared from nightmares.
He listens to me when I am sad.
And he is patient, even when I’m not making any sense.
To his father,
He is so very lucky to have learned from you.

He knows how to work hard.
He knows how to be independant.
He knows how treat a woman the way she deserves.
He knows how to stay strong.
He knows how to be a friend.
He knows how to make things right.
He knows when to stand up for himself.
He knows who he wants to be.
He knows when to goof around and when to smarten up.
He knows how to make people feel at ease.

To his coaches,

Thank you for making him tough.
Thank you for teaching him discipline.
Thank you for teaching him to share.
Thank you for pushing him to  keep trying.
Thank you for showing him how to persevere.
Thank you for making him get back up when he was knocked down.
Thank you for showing him how to add value to a team.
Thank you for teaching him the importance of dedicating time to the things he loves.


To his friends,

Thank you too…
For pushing his buttons.
Keeping him on his toes.
Sharing laughs.
For being sarcastic.
Poking fun.
Being there.
Having his back.
Taking the time to pat him on the back when things are rough.
Taking the time to congratulate him on a success.
For including him.
For corrupting him.
For making him go out and let loose.
For making him take a cab when he drinks too much.
For making sure he gets home.
For being his wingman.
For accepting me.

And finally…. To my boyfriend,

In your 23rd year, please promise to never forget how blessed you are to have these people in your life. Although I personally may have just met them, because of you, they have changed everything for me too. Thank you for being all that you are. I cannot wait to see who you continue to grow-in to be.

Happy Birthday.

Love, me.

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