Shower Thoughts


How can children be our future, when in the future, they will not be children?

If he uses your Netflix sometimes, is that a relationship status?

Do calories taste like anything?


I wonder what my cat named me. 

How does it feel to be an adult with braces?

When will Facebook go extinct? 

Will my future children stalk a young me on social media?

Who didn’t write the unwritten girl code?


What is Veronica’s Secret?

Where is that spiders family? 

Are my jeans jealous of how often I wear my leggings? 

Kylie Jenner is younger than me.


If I buy something because it’s pretty, am I shallow? 

When someone tells you that you smell really good, are they saying you don’t normally smell good?

Are everything bagels just cocky?

When I put something back at the store, does it miss me?


When you notice a new freckle, are you finding yourself?

I’ve spent $100’s of dollars on pillows I don’t sleep on. 

If he feeds you food, does he think you don’t know how to use a fork by yourself?

What do toenails do?



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