Things Every Western U Student Knows To Be True

* Originally posted on Her Campus Western Ontario.


Canadian Geese are the most vicious clique on campus.

Don’t let this picture fool you… Mustang Lounge is for napping.

New faculty or residence building? Won’t be ready until after you’ve graduated.

If you don’t wake up and claim your spot early, you won’t get a seat at Weldon during exam season. 

Saugeen was my 8th residence choice, but it ended up being a blast.

Amit Chakma voted “Best Vacation Tan on Campus”.

I only went to the Homecoming game once, in first year, and I left early so I could drink more. 

Everyone knows a resident DJ.   PS. Check out MAVRO’s latest 

Everyone has line bypass so you end up waiting in a line bypass line. 

You can get any type of drunk food after the bar – Richmond has everything.  (Burger Burger… so nice you say it twice)

I actually miss rez food and the people who worked there. 

UGG boots have offically been replaced by Sorels. 

Canada Goose coats cost a months rent.


You have to say that Queen’s sucks, but you’ll probably visit your best friend there.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Spoke bagel.

USecrets Western is more controversial than Donald Trump. 

You have to line up for Tim Hortons a half hour before class.

UWO will always be a thing….. but you can’t even find the old logo on Google anymore.


“MIT? What is that? Mother’s In Training?”


The struggle of facing the climb up UC hill during a mid feburary blizzard… the struggle to also get safely back down it.

Concrete Beach is not a beach.

The Ivey building cost as much as the drought aid going to the entire state of California ($110 million).

Your parents have already paid thousands of dollars in tuition, but Western will still call them asking for donations – while you’re still a student.

Broughdale is a street reserved for making bad decisions on Homecoming.


A trough of popcorn is a good idea.

Having AEO does not mean you’re going to IVEY.

695 is not a sushi place but an apartment building. You will know at least one person who lives here during your 4 years.


You can take a class on Harry Potter.

All hail King Richie.

Engineer students get really scary during O-Week.

Jacks and Jack Astors are two different places.


The wifi on campus only works when you don’t need it.


Delaware Hall was full of secrets, and mold?!?!?!

Bottle Service at Club Weldon is not a thing.

Engineer students REALLY LOVE Rick McGhie.

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one not wearing a varsity jacket.


Soph is not short for sophomore.

Your name will forever be carved into some old piece of Western furniture.

Apparently the Western Cheer team is like really good.

Your professor will refer to Owl as Sakai at least once.


You hold onto your phone real tight while you cross the bridge… even if it’s in your pocket.


Purple is not just a colour.

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