An Open Letter To Justin Bieber, From Me


Dear Justin Bieber,

I think I feel bad for you…. Like really bad.

I’m not sure if I’ve just caught a new wave of ‘the fever’, or if I’m reading too much into this… but I just want to hold you (very tenderly).

Yes, to feel each indent of the abs under your shirt… to caress those locks on your head while we embrace…. would be, well, phenomenal… but I want to hug you for another reason too.

After listening to “I’ll Show You”, your latest hit single, I’ve recognized (and am answering), your call for understanding.

Sure, the subject matter of this song is undoubtedly a marketing scheme to correct your previously damaged image… but there HAS to be some truth in the lyrics – right Justin?

I mean, you simply put the facts out there…

– You’ve found it hard to do the right thing. (Who doesn’t?)
– You face a lot of pressure. (You were practically raised by Usher)
– People are judging you constantly. (Not me, baby)
– You’re not made out of steel. (Just muscle and amazing DNA)
– To have a life like yours isn’t as easy as it seems. (Idk for sure, but I trust you on this)

In the end, this song gets a big “Preach” from me.

Although I’m not you, or your girlfriend (yet), I too feel these things as a young adult your age.

Like you, I find it hard to always do the right thing and to say the right thing – especially when I’m angry or upset. We ALL have bad or “off” days… yours are just unfortunately (for you) more newsworthy than mine are.

Like you, I also feel pressure. It may be a different kind of pressure, but it’s still pressure. I have people to make proud, I have good grades to score, I have bills to pay, and I have a future to plan.

Like you, I also face judgment. I’m a twenty-one year old who doesn’t have everything figured out yet. I try to keep a good head on my shoulders, to do the right thing, to be a good person, but there will always be people out there who do not like me… Although this can sometimes hurt (we’re not made of steel), our emotions are better used in other ways. Accepting that some people don’t like you is difficult, but it’s the people who love us that matter most anyways.

Lastly, like you, my life isn’t always as great at it appears. No one truly knows the battles someone may be silently facing on the inside. However, it is important to make these battles known to the people we care about, to talk them out, to heal, to cope…

It’s not easy to open up or to be honest. But I think this song is your way of asking fans to understand all of the things you’ve been trying to battle alone in your career… and I think that’s super rad of you.

I mean, give me $80 million dollars, fame, and a lambo – and I’d mess up just as many times as you have (if not more). I’m not a celebrity, but I feel you J.B. I’ve grown up watching the Lindsay Lohan’s and the Charlie Sheen’s of Hollywood suffer in result of too much money, too much privilege, and too much fame… It’s inevitable to “slip up” when the whole world is always watching.

In University I have been able to take full courses in which I have been instructed to look at Hollywood critically. What originally may have seemed like a ‘bird course’ turned out to be extraordinarily eye-opening for me. I knew Hollywood could be toxic, but I didn’t really ask myself why… Sadly, it is both a luring dream-maker, and an inescapable nightmare.

An average day in your life involves radio and tv interviews, photoshoots, dance rehearsals, participating in charitable events, signing autographs, meeting fans, and live performance – it involves always being “on” (for you never know what the media may capture). THAT’S INSANE. You are ‘Justin Bieber, international superstar” 24/7…  the thought of being my own best self 24/7 makes me actually SICK to think about.

You recently walked away from a few of the jobs I mentioned above, (a stage performance and a radio interview in Milan), and the Internet tore you apart… but personally, I’m honestly shocked you’re even still standing/sane.

My average day involves me crawling out of bed for class, making myself look somewhat presentable, sitting in a classroom for three hours, then another class for three hours, then maybe the library, and then I go home. Next I put on some comfortable clothes, lay down and have a nap. Then I‘ll probably watch some tv, hang out and talk with my roommates, make some dinner, and climb back into bed. I get to choose to be alone and I get to choose to ‘turn off’.

Comparing my daily routine to yours makes me feel incredibly lazy (and lame)… but it has also forced me to do what I’m passionate about and to be great at it. It’s also forced me to respect you for how many times you’ve actually done something right (which is a lot), and for surviving the hurdles.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that perfect people are boring, you’re only 21, and if you need a hug, I’m here.

Hang in there,

*Dedicated to Taylor Cloutier & Morgan Farris, who would also like to “hug” you.  

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