10 Reasons Going Out Is The Worst

10. You can’t wear sweat pants. AND SWEATPANTS ARE EVERYTHING. 

9. You can’t bring food to eat. AND EATING IS ALL I WANT TO DO.

8. You have to have a shower (and shave). SHAVING IS HAIR-TORTURE. 

7. You have to yell in order to talk to people. CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THESE CAPS LOCK.

6. You have to talk to people. I’D RATHER BE ALONE.

5. You have to look presentable. IS THIS A DRESS OR A TUBE TOP?

4. You can’t bring a blanket and pillow (or sleep… in public). BUT I’M ALWAYS SO TIRED. 

3. You can’t spend time with your attentive boyfriend: Netflix. HE JUST GETS ME.

2. You’ll likely have to spend money. I AINT GOT MONEY FOR THAT.

1. You have to move. I DARE YOU NOT TO MOVE.

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