Why Winter Is The Time to Save Your Hair


Personally, my ‘summer hair’ drowns itself in bleach. My hairdresser can hardly keep up with my growing roots and my attempts to keep my hair a white-blonde and silver, over a pee coloured yellow blonde. My desire to keep my unnatural colour comes on full force every summer… as soon as the sunshine consumes me. There are also a million things I want to do each summer that make me to want to look my personal best. Whether it’s going to work, a dinner party, a night out with friends, or a date with a cute guy, etc… I always want my hair to look fabulous. I blow-dry, I curl, I straighten, I bleach, I dye… and all of this has led me to say “R.I.P” to beautiful hair. When the winter comes I faced a harsh reality – split ends, roots, dryness, and over-all damage. However, in great efforts to rescue my own hair I will offer a few tips for both myself, and anyone else out there suffering from the consequences of brutal “Summer Damage”.


  • You don’t need it.
  • Shower long enough before you need to go anywhere to make sure your hair has time to dry… we don’t want icicles.
  • Blow dryers dry out your hair and the intense heat is damaging.
  • Use winter as a time to save your hair from heat damage. By December people stop caring what you look like in class, we’re all just trying to make it to our exams without frostbite.

Honest Moment: If you are in a crunch for time, hair drying is always the best option to achieve your finished look. It’s all about doing it in moderation.


  • Natural curls can sometimes surprise you! Try to embrace yours.
  • If you have nowhere important to go (ex. interview) let your hair run wild – No taming necessary. Your roommates may think you’ve let yourself go, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Honest Moment: Depending on what bar you’re going to/ who you are wanting to impress, chose your hair style accordingly. If you can rock the grunge- do it, but if you feel more comfortable perfectly curling your hair for a night out, do it. Consult your friends when you are unsure!


  • Sure you can have a daily body shower, but try not to wash your hair as much.
  • The longer you don’t wash your hair, the better it will train and strengthen.
  • Oil is not always a bad thing… *Tip 4 will help you with this transition.

Honest Moment: If you have a date, a important day coming up, or have even had a bad day, wash your hair. I wont blame you at all, although healthy hair is what we all want, there are days where washing my hair just makes me feel better!


  • I use Batiste, which you can buy at any Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.
  • It honestly works like a charm and covers me for those days I don’t have time to wash my hair/ want to let my natural locks loose.
  • A little spray into your roots will soak up the oil and leave your hair looking fresh and clean even through re-training!


  • It’s winter! Take advantage of hat wearing.
  • If I’m feeling too lazy to wash my hair, I let it dry naturally and use zero product… there’s no need to.

Honest Moment: Sometimes it doesn’t look bad and I can totally rock it, but there are other days untamed hair makes me look like a rough Mary Kate.

  • In this case, throw on a Beanie! (I have over 10 different kinds)
  • They are super cute and no one will question your bad hair day… you’ll be completely covered, and warm.


  • Wait until the winter fades for you to dye your hair again.
  • Stormy days aren’t ideal to show off your look anyways!
  • Give your hair the break it needs… P.S.: Hats cover roots too.


  • If your hair is completely fried – go get a cut or a trim!
  • A polished cut always looks best for the Holidays.

Honest Moment: I am terrified to cut my hair but I know that I should… And hey – Lauren Conrad is rocking her new long bob. If you’re scared like me, try the other tips first… if those don’t work, we can build up the courage together.

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