Guys You Should Casually Date in College

  • The Simpleton

    This guy is sweet, quiet, and a little un-emotional… in a good way. Nothing really gets to him. He’s honest when he talks, but he doesn’t talk much. He’s a refreshing date because he doesn’t like drama or gossiping. He doesn’t care who’s hooking up with whom, or what kid got arrested on the weekend. He’d rather spend relaxing nights at home, showing you his favourite music or watching a movie. He doesn’t need a label, reassurance, or all of your time. He won’t text you a lot either, but don’t question him. He may not get jealous or talk about his feelings, but don’t take it personally, he’s simply content with himself. He likes being around you and he hopes the feeling is mutual. This guy is perfect when stress is high, and when you need a break from the seriousness of life.

    • The DJ/Promoter

      This guy is everyone’s friend… You won’t be able to go anywhere without someone calling out his name to say “hey man!” He is popular, fun, and always busy. Don’t date this guy when you need to buckle down and study, he’s a party and a half and he’ll want you to come around. DJs work late nights, which is good if you like line bypass after midnight, or if you need to stay in to get work done without distractions. However, you’ll have to control your jealousy and learn to have fun with this one. He may be loyal, but he’s a flirt, and he knows lots of girls. On the plus side, he’s likely to show you a side of University you haven’t fully seen before, and you’ll meet lots of interesting people – maybe even some Z-List celebrities.

    • The Friend

      This is the guy you’ve known since first year and always had a crush on (but you weren’t sure if he liked you like that). News flash: all those PG13 sleepovers that end in cuddling and late night talks that don’t end till 5a.m. means he probably likes you! There’s a chance you’re just best friends, but if you’re that compatible and comfortable, AND you both happen to be single, why not give it a shot? After all, you flirt all the time anyways and it could turn out to be the best relationship you’ve ever had. Steal yourself a kiss one night and see if there’s something there. If there isn’t, blame it on the wine. The last thing you want is to realize how hard you’re crushing when he finally finds himself a real girlfriend. You don’t want to regret missing your chance, nor do you want to watch him fall madly in love with some girl that you hate (just because it isn’t you).

      • The Wild Card

        This guy is a little offbeat (in the best way) and completely opposite of everything you’ve ever gone for. This could be in terms of looks, personality, bodily form, or his outlook on life. Maybe he’s older, graduated, and more mature than the guys your age. He’s nothing like that basic jock-varsity guy you dated in high school. You would have never picked this guy out of a crowd and he will likely surprise your friends when you bring him home. His friend group is completely different than yours, but that spices things up. This is the perfect time to experiment with what, and who you like. You may be nothing alike, but that’s what makes it interesting. You’ll likely learn a lot about who you are in the process. Dating this guy can be an important and eye-opening experience, whether it works out or not.

        • The Rich Athlete

          This guy went to private school and his dad owns a Ferrari. This kid was born into money and flaunts it. He’s attractive and has nice things… which usually comes with an insecure ego that can come off a little arrogant. He secretly wants a girlfriend, but he also wants to be “for the boys,” so you’ll have to deal with that. This guy may deny he has feelings for you but he’ll end up at your house every night to cuddle in your bed. This guy can be a bit of a challenge, but he probably has a soft side you might get to see. He probably has great stories, strong future ambitions, and will likely take you out for a nice dinner or two. He might be a work in progress, you’ll love him and hate him, but who doesn’t like a little challenge? This guy will probably end up breaking your heart, but it’ll be a great learning experience…

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