Perfecting the Selfie: 5 Easy Tips

When I look and feel my best, I want to capture it, not just for my followers but for myself. Sure it’s fun to get likes — even better when you get a lot! — but I don’t just do it for the little ego boost. Taking a good picture makes me feel good, it gives me some extra confidence for the day and it motivates me to present my best self to the world. That doesn’t mean I have to cake on makeup and get all dressed up, but I have come to know my own self as a person who feels their best when they feel they look their best. This could happen while getting ready for a big date, but it could also happen when I’m fresh out of the shower, a blank canvas. It’s all in how you feel about yourself. And it’s not a crime to want to show your kids what a rocket you were (and hopefully still are).

So today I have decided to use my “useless” powers for good and help to walk you through my process. With these 5 easy steps, even the most awkward of us can take a great selfie that empowers … I promise.

WARNING: Highly addictive process.

1. You need good lighting, not behind you but in front of you, shining on your face. You can achieve this by standing towards a window (the sun) or under/in front of a light that faces towards you. This light will naturally brighten your photo and acts almost as a filter to smooth out your skin. It also brightens your eyes and makes them shine like they were meant to!

2. Experiment to find your angle. This sounds stupid and superficial but it’s true… We all have one. I personally like to tilt my head to the left so that my bangs drape a little over my forehead. That position makes me feel my most comfortable and from experience I find it turns out best in photos. Practice really does make perfect & I won’t judge the 57 new pictures in your album… (you can delete the hilarious duds after – and get a good laugh at yourself).

3. Don’t be afraid to get artsy. Yes, some of my Instagrams don’t look overly “natural”, but they were carefully constructed to convey an emotion I was feeling — it can become a source of creative expression for some of us. Maybe today I only feel like showing half my face or focusing in on my lips. Photos of yourself may not be perceived as serious art, but they are self-reflective. Social media has given us an outlet to be ourselves: you can put whatever you want out there, so don’t think too much — post what you feel. (As long as you’re not posting a bunch of nudes… It may be what you feel… but Instagram will boot you just like bad girl RiRi, not to mention your future potential boss will have seen your nipples.)

4. Don’t be afraid to use your hands. Grab your hair if you want. It’s your selfie, who cares? Props can also be super effective in making your picture something unique to look at. P.S. Pets ALWAYS guarantee likes… Who doesn’t love a puppy? (So do bikinis, but that’s another story.)

5. Don’t be stiff. Taking a selfie can be awkward if you don’t do it a lot but you just need to loosen up and have fun with it. Selfie-taking is all about fun and feeling good. Haven’t you ever tried to model in front of mirror after seeing an episode of ANTM as a tween? We’ve all done it, don’t lie. You’re taking this selfie alone (please don’t do this in public), so what’s there to be nervous about?

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